Voucher Program

SpaySA Voucher Program

SpaySA will provide funding for routine spay/neuter services through the SpaySA Voucher Program including referral service to Texas Veterinary Hospital. The vouchers will be available to low-income residents of San Antonio and Bexar County with an emphasis on non-targeted zip codes that are not part of the current city contracted subsidized surgeries list for performing low-cost spay/neuter clinics.

This would emphasize a much-needed service to owners and their pets who have basically “fallen in between the cracks” and have difficulty paying for a full cost pet surgery but are not fortunate enough to receive a free surgery from the city.

The $35 voucher (paid by pet owner) would be obtained through the SpaySA website by meeting all eligibility requirements and filling out an application. Surgeries are approved depending on availability of funding. Vouchers will be emailed or mailed to the pet owner once payment is received to SpaySA through PayPal or by check. SpaySA will then refer the pet owner to the provider listed below to call and schedule an appointment.

Eligibility requirements may be satisfied by providing a copy of any of the following documents: latest check stub, proof of current unemployment benefits or benefit letter, latest tax return, latest bank statement, SSI benefits, latest W-2 or 1099 from current employer, or any other reasonable supporting evidence of financial inability. These documents can be scanned and uploaded along with your application.

You do not qualify for SpaySA’s voucher program if any of the following apply:

  • Your pet has already been treated and you have an outstanding bill that you’d like assistance with
  • You are seeking reimbursement for costs that have already been incurred for veterinary services
  • You have made payment arrangements with a veterinarian
  • Your pet does not have a reasonable chance of survival with a good quality of life for at least one year following treatment as determined by the diagnosing vet
  • You could have your pet treated and pay the bill but it would place a financial burden on you
  • You are requesting financial aid for elective surgery. Elective surgery is defined as surgery that is not essential, especially surgery that is not required for survival. For example, age-related cataracts is categorized as an elective surgery.

Our voucher program does not cover the following procedures:

  • Exams
  • Exploratory procedures (x-rays, blood work, etc.)
  • Routine testing (heartworm, hookworm, etc.)
  • Dental care
  • Flea & tick treatment
  • Euthanizing

Complete SpaySA’s Voucher Program Application


2325 NW Military Hwy., Ste 111 San Antonio, Texas 78231
2949 Thousand Oaks, Ste. 1 San Antonio, Texas 78247
Dr. Mike Mixon and Dr. Kathryn Stribley

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All residents may apply. Funds are subject to availability.