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Feral/Free Roaming Cats

Feral Cats

What are feral cats?

Feral, or free-roaming cats are cats who live outside with little to no human contact. They often can’t be handled or touched, and will live quite happily this way. Some feral cats were once owned cats who got out of the house or were dumped. Others were born outside and have never seen the inside of house. SpaySA recognizes that these cats need help too. Spaying and neutering is even more important when it comes to an outside population of cats- they can breed very quickly and are also vulnerable to more than just sickness. With the threat of predators, traffic, few food sources, and numerous other things, these cats don’t need to add raising kittens!

San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition (SAFCC)

SpaySA works with the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition (SAFCC) to offer discount spay/neuter services for feral or free-roaming cats. The SAFCC offers a 2 hour orientation program to help familiarize new members with how feral cats live, how to trap them, and what to do once they’ve been spayed/neutered. Once you’ve attended the orientation, your name will be put on their master list, and you can then bring feral cats in to SpaySA for just $20.

For $20 the cats receive spay/neuter surgery, a Rabies vaccine, a dose of parasite prevention, and an antibiotic. Beginning Tuesday Sept. 3rd, cats must be in a humane trap (One feral cat or kitten per humane trap) and dropped off between 6:30 am – 7:30 am. They must be picked up at 4:00 pm. A $25 late fee will be assessed for cats picked up after 4:00 pm and feral cats after 4:30 pm. SpaySA  accepts up to 15 feral cats a day, Tuesday through Saturday.

Also, bring your cat trap covered (with a light sheet or blanket), and the cat’s name along with your last name on 3 pieces of masking tape (one piece on the trap, one on the cover, and one on the guillotine door). Click here for photos and information on proper size dimensions for Humane Feral Cat Traps

Best Friends Community Cat Program

Best Friends Animal Society is working with the City of San Antonio to help reduce the free roaming cat population through Trap/Neuter/Return. The Best Friends Community Cat Program offers free spay/neuter to free roaming cats who live in targeted zip codes. The cats must be brought in humane traps, and will have their ear tipped, along with spay/neuter surgery, a Rabies vaccine, and a Feline Distemper vaccine (FVRCP). To take part in this program, you can call 210-306-6126 and leave your name, phone number, address, and how many cats you need to trap. You can pick up traps and vouchers from Animal Care Services (4710 Hwy 151, 78227) during the times listed on the Best Friends voice mail. You can also email them at or For more information about this program, click here.

For a detailed description of grants available for feral cats and participating spay/neuter clinics, Click Here.

Intake Forms

Please fill out intake forms for each animal:


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