Spay/Neuter Voucher Application

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for a voucher, the pet must reside in the zip code listed under pet owner’s information. SpaySA’s spay/neuter voucher program is intended for those not residing in targeted zip codes as listed by Animal Control Services.

If your pet’s surgery is approved, the voucher fee of $35 will be due and can be paid by check (made out to “SpaySA”), or via PayPal (include “SpaySA Voucher” in note section). If paying by check, send payment to: SpaySA, P.O. Box 701268, San Antonio, Texas 78270.

Once surgery is approved and payment has been received, our spay/neuter approval voucher/letter will be sent out via email or regular mail.

Scheduling of surgery appointments through Texas Veterinary Hospitals will be the responsibility of the pet owner. Our spay/neuter approval voucher/letter must be presented at the time of appointment.

Application for spay/neuter voucher

Today's date

*You and your pet must live in a non-targeted zip code to qualify for our voucher program. If your zip code is on this flyer:, you are NOT eligible for a SpaySA voucher. Please call one of the spay/neuter clinics listed on the flyer for spay/neuter services.

Enter a valid email address.

Enter a valid phone number.

Identify what type of pet you're submitting thi application for.

If the pet is a cat, is it owned or feral? (Select N/A if the pet is a dog)

Indicate your pet's breed (i.e. chihuahua, dachshund, pit bull, etc.)

How old is your dog or cat?

*Additional costs will be incurred for the pet owner if the pet is pregnant. Additional fees not covered under voucher program.

If yes, skip the next question. If no, please provide the information below.

If you answered 'no' to the previous question, please provide the legal owner's full name, complete address and a valid email so that we can obtain approval for surgery.


See the full list of required proof of low income here: Eligibility requirements may be satisfied by providing the most recent copy of your latest check stub, proof of current unemployment benefits, latest tax return (first page), 2016 W-2. (Maximum size 10MB) Once you have uploaded proof of income, you will be notified by email.

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