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Lost pet search

If your pet has been lost or you have found a lost pet, there are many ways to help report and find them:
  1. Visit Pet Search and Rescue, Inc. or SApets.com and post a picture of the lost or found pet.
  2. File a report with Man and Beast by calling 210-590-7387.
  3. Go to Animal Control Services (ACS) and search for your pet. Get directions.
  4. Visit the lost + found section of Craigslist to post about a lost/found pet or see if someone else has posted about finding your pet.
  5. Call your local vet to inquire about lost or found pets.
  6. Visit petkey.org to view lost or missing pets in or near your community.
Visit petharbor.com to view or submit information on lost or found pets.

Lost your pet?

Losing your pet is stressful—both for you and your pet. Please include Animal Care Services in your search for your pet. It is always recommended that you walk through the kennels in the facility to assure your pet is not here. Don’t walk through the shelter just once. It is recommended you walk through at least every other day. If your dog is licensed or microchipped, we will attempt to contact you so you can be reunited with your pet. It is vitally important any phone numbers connected to your pet’s license or microchip are on file and up to date. Other things you can do to find your pet:
  • Visit our online adoption and pet search for lost pets
  • Call your pet's microchip manufacturer and report your pet lost
  • Using the Finding Rover app, create a profile for your pet, upload a picture and report your pet as "lost". The Finding Rover app will utilize its pet facial recognition software to search all of the shelters in the local area as well as any citizens who have reported a "found" pet.
  • Reach "Lost Dogs of Texas" on Facebook to create a free flyer and post on social media
  • Post flyers in your neighborhood
  • Check any of the surrounding shelters in the area
  • Ask your neighbors, mail carrier, or any other person in the neighborhood if they've seen your pet
  • With the school’s permission, post your flyers on campus
  • Place an ad in the local newspaper and offer a reward if found
  • Check your local newspaper or Craigslist in the "found" section
  • Contact Man & Beast at 210-590-PETS (7387)
Don’t give up! Keep looking. Pets are resilient and can often travel long distances. (Information provided on behalf of Animal Care Services)
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