DaisyCares Referral Service

DaisyCaresLogo-tag1 SpaySA and DaisyCares have established a referral based program to help solve pet overpopulation in Bexar County. This partnership will allow DaisyCares clients to access spay/neuter services. SpaySA funds will complement DaisyCares’ veterinary care program by covering the cost of spay/neuter for a client in need of these services in addition to the urgent or emergency care provided. Eligibility Criteria for this service is listed on the Daisy Cares website. SpaySA will provide funding to non-targeted zip codes and referrals from Daisy Cares. Targeted city zip codes will not be eligible for consideration of spay/neuter funds through this referral service. *Funds subject to availability and approval from Daisy Cares Referral Service. *All DaisyCares referrals must go through DaisyCares Referral Service.