About Us

Our Mission To prevent the overpopulation of dogs and cats by funding spay and neuter services for domestic animals owned by the residents of San Antonio and Bexar County. To develop, promote, and sponsor programs of education to encourage better understanding, greater appreciation, and better care of all animals. To engage in other activities which encourage and promote kindness, consideration, and prevention of cruelty to all animals. About SpaySA The Animal Resource Center, Inc. d/b/a SpaySA was established in 1997 as a nonprofit 501c (3) organization that provided affordable, high quality, spay/neuter surgeries and wellness services to pets in San Antonio and Bexar County., SpaySA performed over 145,000 subsidized, no cost to the public and low-cost surgeries, and helped tens of thousands of dogs and cats each year through their surgery clinic, wellness services, and pet education through March 2016. SpaySA continues to support San Antonio's no-kill initiative by helping to prevent the overpopulation of dogs and cats by funding spay-neuter services and addressing the urgent need of controlling the pet overpopulation by providing information and referral services to the community. Our Audience  Our audience includes those in poverty/low income and individuals residing in non-targeted zip codes. We serve all of San Antonio and Bexar County with the most dogs and cats coming from areas on the west, south, and east side. History The Animal Resource Center, known now as SpaySA, was founded in 1997. At that time, it was a collaborative effort of the Animal Defense League, the Humane Society/SPCA of Bexar County, the Veterinary Medical Association of Bexar County and the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services Division. By the year 2000, SpaySA built a reputation as a strong and responsible community leader in fighting the pet overpopulation crisis. In October of 2011, SpaySA moved from their original location on Laredo Street to West Commerce. SpaySA performed over 145,000 surgeries and helped thousands of dogs and cats each year through wellness services and pet education. Read about our shift in focus Today SpaySA works with various shelters, vet clinics, and other non-profits by funding spay neuter surgeries and assisting residents of San Antonio and Bexar County with general information to better take care of their animals. Reasons to continue supporting SpaySA SpaySA funds dog and cat spay/neuter surgeries for residents that are in the non-targeted zip code areas and have no available funds for a “free” surgery provided by the city to pet owners in city targeted zip codes. Low-income residents also receive low-cost surgery funding while being educated on the importance of the welfare of animals. Working with numerous partners, SpaySA continues to help dogs, cats, and feral cats in the city preventing them from reproducing unwanted pets, reducing intake of animals at the city shelter and reducing animal euthanasia in San Antonio.